Stained Glass Suncatcher Bird – Blue

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Stained Glass Silly Bird Suncatcher – that just about says it all. These whimsical birds always bring a smile! This particular flock has bodies made of various styles of blue glass, with a variety of tail and beak coloring.

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This hand made stained glass suncatcher bird will bring a splash of color to any space, and a smile to any face. This particular flock has bodies made of various stylers of blue glass, with a variety of tail, beak and foot colorings. Each bird is unique – so unique, in fact, that we give them names!

These silly suncatcher birds are one of our most popular designs. Lots of folks buy them as dorm room gifts, new apartment gifts or house warming gifts – but you don’t really need an occasion or excuse. Just buy one for yourself!

These birds are crafted using the copper foil (Tiffany) method. I individually cut the glass pieces for the body, tail feathers and beak. The edges are dressed to remove the sharp edges, and each piece is wrapped in copper foil, which is then burnished. The pieces are soldered together, and hanger is attached. Next, the eyes and legs are lovingly fashioned and installed. After inspection and cleaning a patina is applied, and then polished. As the final step each silly bird is thoroughly cleaned and waxed.

These Stained Glass Suncatcher Birds measure approximately 5.5 from tail to beak, and 5 from top of the back to bottom of the feet.

The bird you see is the actual bird that you will receive.

2 reviews for Stained Glass Suncatcher Bird – Blue

  1. donnieworkman (Etsy buyer – Feb 28, 2018)

    What an adorable blue bird! I get the real blue birds on my deck, and I’m thinking of hanging this nearby. You are so creative! Thank you.

  2. Sarah Proteau (Etsy buyer – Nov 6, 2018)

    Thank you so much! I love your designs.

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