Stained Glass Chicken Suncatcher brown w/ copper patina


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Stained Glass Crazy Chicken Suncatcher – what else needs to be said? These whimsical chickens always bring a smile!

These birds are constructed using the copper foil (Tiffany) method. I individually cut the glass pieces for the body, tail feathers, comb and beak. The edges are dressed to remove the sharp edges, and each piece is wrapped in copper foil, which is then burnished. The pieces are soldered together, and hanger is attached. Next, the eyes and legs are lovingly fashioned and installed. After inspection and cleaning a patina is applied, and then polished. As the final step each crazy chicken is thoroughly cleaned and waxed.

These Stained Glass Chicken Suncatchers measure approximately 4.75″ from tail to beak, and 5.5″ from comb to feet.