Five Moon Phases Stained Glass Vertical Window Panel – Colonial Blue & White


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The Five Moon Phases Stained Glass Vertical Window Panel features the waxing crescent, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, and waning crescent phases of the moon, and is available in several variations.

The Moon Phases Window is handcrafted using the copper foil (Tiffany) method. Each of the 23 pieces of glass is individually cut and ground to size, and the edges are dressed. The edges of each piece are wrapped in copper foil, which is then burnished. The glass pieces are soldered together, the zinc frame is affixed, and the hangers and chain are affixed. After inspection and cleaning a black patina is applied, and then polished. As the final step, each window is thoroughly cleaned and waxed.

A unique window panel, designed to bring light and inspiration to any window in your home!

The window measures 18-3/4″ tall x 5-3/4″ wide and is ready to hang.